What’s best to remove sharpie marks from walls

Oh boy.

Sharpies. It’s a four letter word in our house. Our 2 year old is a *huge* fan of them.

Our walls? Not so much.


And Momma is *really* not a fan of sharpies. But we all need sharpies in our lives. So in our house, they must stay.

But how to deal with the artwork? Well, after one particularly rough day, we had plenty of test areas. So we decided to set the stage for our experiment.



Our contenders in the sharpie off war are Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Thieves Household Cleaner, non-actone nail polish remover, and hairspray.

First up? Thieves Household Cleaner.

Now I am a *huge* fan of Thieves Cleaner. It’s my go to for all my daily cleaning. It uses my beloved Young Living Essential Oils and is all natural.


It’s just not strong enough for my tastes to really remove stains. It’s great at degreasing and smells amazing, but natural has it’s limits.

So, I used thieves on a paper towel at full strenght and the result was pretty much what I expected. Nothing. Then I put the thieves on a sponge. Still nothing.

Moving on.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Oh man. When we first moved in our house, my husband went a bit crazy with these things and pretty much erased most of our baseboard paint in the process. Before our test, this was our normal marker treatment.

So if you come over to my house, please don’t notice how many walls have dull spots. This is a paint killer. No two ways about it.

So, we know what it does. But, in the interest of empirical testing, we went after it again.


So, do I enjoy this method? Nope. This small result took 15 minutes of scrubbing and removed a good portion of the shine of my paint. Not fun.



This method was the one that I thought was the *kooky* one. Why on earth would hairspray remove marker? It’s for jacking up hair, not unjacking up walls…but I tried. I sprayed the hairspray on the marks and let it sit for a minute or two, then resprayed and blotted off.

But…it sorta worked. Sorta. Kinda. For a hot minute.

As soon as I sprayed, the ink started to drip down the wall, which I thought was encouraging. Until I noticed that the dripping ink was staining more parts of the wall. Then I tried to spray the wall with a paper towel held up directly under that section. Things improved for a minute or two.

Until I noticed the paint damage.

Now, I didn’t paint these walls. I don’t know if they are flat or semi-gloss. All I know is whatever small amount of gloss that did exist is now long gone in the area that got the hair spray. What remains is a sad brown stain with lighter wall paint patches. In all honestly, sitting on my bed across the room with just the overhead light on, I can’t see the stain marks or the lighter areas. But up close, it’s pretty apparent.hairspray


So…what’s next.

Non-acetate nail polish remover.

When I saw this listed online, my first thought was “Oh man, bringing out the big guns. Hope you’re planning to repaint…”

But now?

This will be my go to marker-on-wall treatment. It’s pretty fantastic.

I poured the remover straight onto a paper towel, and rubbed over the stain.

(to be noted. The red is the marker. The green accents are Crayola’s very washable crayons, which very much live up to their billing.)

I don’t know if you get the same results with Acetate nail polish, or if that is harsher to your walls, but man, you can’t tell there was a mark on the wall, and it still looks glossy. I’m sold.

But wait, I hear you say.

My kid doesn’t color on walls. He got my table! Or my dresser!

Yea, I feel you. E is a equal opportunity drawer too.

This dresser is painted with a semi-gloss spray paint. The nail polish remover isn’t perfect, but is *way* better than the Magic Eraser.

So, what’s the best way to get sharpie markers off walls?

Hands down, Non-acetate nail polish remover.

I may just buy this stuff by the gallon now…


Cotton + Steel Mini Quilt Swap

You knew it was coming. I need ALL.THE.SWAPS!!

cotton and steel

I’m happy to report that I’m on team #TokyoTrainRideTricia, which should be easy to remember, since I lived in Japan for three years.

tokyoDo you swap? How many do you generally do a year?

Schnizel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

I’m a swap addict now. It’s official.

My partner, @mischief_unmanaged on instagram, totally rocked my world. She nailed my tastes. I have an unapologetic love of half square triangles and triangles in general. And blues and greens and grays (the non-colors, as my mom calls them).

Total haulSWOON. Totally in love with this.miniquilt

Guys, she made me an A’s pincushion. AN A’S PINCUSHION, people!!


If you need me, I’ll be stalking instagram for more swaps.

My stash is legal

So…Sew your stash. Boy howdy, do I have stash fabric and yard. And I’m not in a position to but tons of new fabric. So I am completely in on the #Sewyourstash2015 project.

Challenge #1 was two weeks ago and I’m happy to say I did finish my top in time for the challenge. Next step? Quilting. And I KNOW this would look great in some straight line quilting, in a kinda cross pattern.

However, I apparently hate myself as I completely forgot how much I detest the actual quilting of a straight line pattern. BORING and S.L.O.W.

I really should have remembered. I did my daughter’s birth quilt in straight line and hated it.199103_10151552239424524_1648825279_n

So…here I sit, sounding like Dora, just keep sewing, just keep sewing. If anyone needs me. I’ll be on instagram between rows, admiring all the non-straight line quilting.


I heart triangles

Lets talk stash. I have at least 30 quilt kits and WAY more fabric then one person should be allowed. So this year, I’m making a conscious effort to be more content with what I have and USE it. To this end, I’m following #SewMyStash2015 and doing the #SewMyStash2015challenge1. The first challenge was all about hearts, which, if I’m honest, I don’t love. In fact, I hate most Valentine’s Day decorations. So…this may be a problem.

Enter Pinterest to the rescue. This is an older print from the Etsy shop little things studio. Now, I may not love hearts, but I LOVE me some triangles! Half square, quarter square, I don’t care, as long as there are three sides, I’m in!image1  A friend of ours just had a baby in December, so this will be heading to them. As since it was a little girl, and it IS Valentine’s time, it’s going to be all pinks. But I love the navy blue in the print so much that I might have to make another one for me. I can just see this with olive green, grays and mustard.

I have {according to the rules of the challenge} until Sunday to {mostly} complete it.

Are you sewing your stash this year?  And where do you look for inspiration?

So what’s my fabric worth?


I buy fabric I like. I don’t really follow the trends or have a go to designer that I’m a groupie of. I couldn’t even tell you more than 4 designers out there right now. So, it came as a bit of a surprise to me when I started reading Karri of Berries post about how the #thegreatfabricdestash tag as been hijacked. (Go read it, I’ll wait)

Honestly, I knew Tula Pink was a big time designer. I knew. I even have some of her Neptune line. I bought it when it first came out, which matched up to when I first started quilting. But I didn’t know the huge market that exists for her old lines. One yard is up to $80 on ETSY. A layer cake of that line is selling for $189. This seems crazy to me. Is this because people love it this much? Is it the name on the bundle? Is it the cache of having some Neptune in your collection?

I bought my Neptune at a time when I was buying all the fabric I could. I have more than 30 kits just waiting for me to use from this time. It’s a little insane. So now, when I buy fabric, I have one test it has to pass. Am I buying it to sew with, or am I buying it to collect it?

I finally did find time to cut into my Neptune about a week before Kerri’s blog post when out. I used it to make a swap mini for the #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap, to send a mini quilt to someone I’ve never met, and likely will never meet in Australia.

Sometimes I wonder what that jelly roll was worth. Most of the time I don’t care. I use fabric I like to make things I like.



Content - a state of peaceful happiness

This year, my theme word is content. I spend so much of my time wishing I had things, or wishing I could do things that I miss what I currently have and hold. I’m purposing myself to be more intentional about choosing to be content. I have a wonderful home. I have a loving husband. I have four great kids. I don’t need more stuff, I need to open my eyes and SEE.

To this end, I’m going to spend most of 2015 working around my house to use what I have, and make small improvements that will make me happy now, rather then waiting for the kitchen remodel, or the new floors. {It’s funny to me how much more I like my old floors when they are properly polished and shiny.} Most of my knitting and sewing projects will be coming from the {many} bins I have. I’m not calling this a full on no buy craft year, as I do have my eye on a custom dyed sock yarn and to learn more about the yarn dyeing process, but I want to first use what I have and find a pattern that works, rather then find a pattern, and need to buy yarn that works.

Will you be doing and #sewyourstash or #knityourstash this year?